Current functionality allows the users to
1. use period parameters - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/finance-how-defer-revenue-expenses#to-set-up-a-deferral-template
2. change the description for each document line in Deferral Schedule.
3. change the description by editing General Ledger Entries manually afterwards
Where the first option is too limited- it is possible to use only periods. The second option requires routine manual work. The third option - using F8, possible, but still causes slight frustration "Everywhere the description comes from line, if it is specified in the setup, why should I do this manually for deferrals?"

When accountants review the detailed transactions per account, they would like to see the Description in the same unified way as it is for other regular Purchase or Sales Transactions. This way it is possible to ensure good record keeping.
Adding such parameters to the list as Document Type, Document No, External Document No. would be appreciated.
Thank you
Needs Votes