The delete option is disabled on the employment history form.
All the time users accidently create employees in the wrong legal entity.
It is easy to create their employment in the correct legal entity afterwards, but it is impossible to remove the employment record from the wrong legal entity.
The workaround is to end the employment after only i.e. 1 minute in the wrong legal entity - but it would be much nicer if the records could be deleted.
NB! This should be enabled in Talent core HR as well as in the HR module of D365FO, please. ALL customers I've worked with, are requesting this.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We’re considering this functionality for a future release. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



Learning point: the employment records can be deleted via CDS!
But... I still opt that there should be a delete button in the employment history form, as this will be a much safer way to delete than finding the relevant record in the long list of employment records in Excel, risking deleting an employment record of another worker.
@Microsoft Product Group: please make sure, that the pressing this new delete button in the employment history form also deletes the corresponding record in CDS!
I've just learned, together with Microsoft Support, that when employment records are deleted from Core HR (by Microsoft support), they re-appear shortly after, because they did not get deleted from CDS. Incident #119052323001002

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