As Rich Text Editors are allowed on Dynamics. It should make sense that the Portal should support the same as well. Currently our customers are limited to only use plain text in their communication with us through the portal.

Any images/screenshots have to be attached separately which gives them inconvenience. It is also helpful that customers are able to apply styling to their text to help emphasise certain points they want to make.

Therefore, it would be great to see the portal support Rich Text Editors on the Form and on the Timeline. So that customers have the ability to enhance their communication with the business. I believe this will also apply to other users of this customer portal as well.
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Yes this would be really helpful, currently we have to include a rich text editor using javascript explicitly.
CRM does have a rich text control on field in form, if the same can be extended over portal like on adding a rich text control over crm form this would imply on portal too(entity form which is used).

Category: General