In case of "Leave and absence > Links> Setup > Human resources parameters > Enable half day definition" is checked to "No" it is resonable that employee do not need to fill the ‘Amount’ field every time as ‘Full day’ when requested for a leave (Request time off form). At this moment it is very inconvenient to click additionally each of 14 rows (in case of 2 weeks vacation) in "Dates" list to select the only one availabe option - "Full Day"

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Hi All,

Good news, this can be easily fixed!

If you create a Calendar and assign it to an employee, the days that they work will be auto-populated with 'Full day' and it will also not allow any days off, including bank holidays configured, to be taken as leave.

You can find them by typing 'Calendars' in the search bar in D365 HR. Find more info here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/human-resources/hr-leave-and-absence-working-time-calendar

If you have a requirement to configure different working hours for different days, this will require a bespoke solution.

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My non-profit organization also has this issue. Our Personnel team often initiates the leave and absence for our staff who work across the globe. These leaves typically happen for months at a time. Our Personnel team isn't willing to use the leave request feature if they have to put in "Full-Day" for each day of the leave. That is seriously very time consuming. It seems to me that an easy way to address this would be to allow a default 'Amount' value to be selected within Human Resources Parameters > Leave and Absence to be able to set the default. If Microsoft wants to continue to improve the product for the non-profit sector....this is a huge step for them to do so.

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