A recent update based on KB3178570 made it impossible to change the project contract after project transactions were made. This was done to prevent a problem in a specific scenario. However, this also caused a regression in functionality.

All information from the project contract is stored in the project transactions, including the funding source. To that end changing the project contract on a running project should be possible. This allows users to change the customer (and other commercial details) of a running project for all new transactions. In the meanwhile the existing transactions can be invoiced based on the old project contract.

This functionality is even more needed since a funding source cannot be change while project transactions exist (which is good) and working with multiple funding sources is not allowed when working with item requirement and/or project salesorders.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting




Request from Project Accountants today: At one time we were able to change the project contract ID on any project, at any time with no issues. Unfortunately now if transactions have been posted against the project/contract ID we receive the following message:

"Can not change the project contract because transaction exists for the associated project"

Even though this is just a yellow warning message, it prevents the project contract ID from being changed/updated. If there is anyway to get back to the former functionality, that would be helpful. We don't do this often, but sometimes updating the contract ID is necessary.

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We change Project Contract all the time, but we do it using a custom MOD. If we figured it out, then...... so can Microsoft.

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I saw valid scenarios where it is really needed to be able to change the customer on project (example where it is not clear who will pay for a project, or when those payers may change - the client, new legal entity created by the client, insurance company)


I am just not sure the right way to add that feature is by changing the contract. so many functionalities are dependent on contract, there is a risk such change would be buggy and risky.

Consider other ways to allow/switch between different customers (and ability to adjust existing transactions to be re-set to the new customer)

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Yes, a real pain. We ended up adding new funding sources, disabling the old, and making the new a default.

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