Users often come to me asking to adjust column widths. It would be nice if they could do this via the GUI, without the need for personalizations or extensions, and it would be even better if the system remembers their preferences.

If this is not technically feasible, then it would be nice if all column widths in the application were extendable. Specifically, the Item No. dropdown on sales documents does not allow column widths to be adjusted. This forces users to either hover their cursor over the item to preview the full part number or launch the full list. Both of these are considered tedious by the users when in desktop applications they would simply adjust the width of the column.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of the following suggestion:  



Please add your valuable votes and comments to the suggestion above instead. 



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please respond to my post that the issue referenced as a duplicate is not correct and this issue should not be declined.

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this is not a duplicate of the ticket mentioned. The desire is for "the system remembers their preferences" when they return to the page, much like when Edge remembers the zoom % when I return to a browsing activity.

Category: Development