When creating a customer order at POS and customer also want to purchase a gift card, this cannot be done on a customer order.
Please add functionality to allow to sell a gift card to a customer together with other items there should be shipped
Gift card either as carry out or electronical
Today it is solved by creating 2 transactions, which is not the best customer experience in store.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!



Now return orders are essentially sales orders, we should also consider a Gift card being added onto an order that is recalled onto the POS

This would allow the POS user to apply a gift card where the original method or payment or gift card ID is not known (or if the customer has thrown away their gift card due to having Zero balance

The RTS should create the order line and auto invoice to populate the scanned gift card ID from the issue function on the POS

Category: Store Operations and POS