The D365FO configuration is not granular enough to divide the Manufacturing execution RaF and the Warehouse management RaF (reporting as finished), and should better be enhanced by a parameter per Resource. Imagine operations running in dedicated production orders, with tangible semi-finished goods (SFG) exchanged between the machines. This is a common scenario in process manufacturing where the SFG batches can hardly be quantized and bear no labels. The output and input resource locations in the middle of the chain are not license plate controlled and do not have to be equipped with mobile scanners, as there is nothing to scan. Here we need a choice between semi-finished goods reported as finished at Job devices, and finished goods reported from Mobile scanner devices. This configuration – whether to trigger Reporting as finished in Manufacturing execution or not – is available at the Site level only, not a single Resource level. Yet an Advanced warehouse process cannot span multiple warehouses, let alone sites. This would end up either in full blown transfer orders between machines, or in an inability to track actual time at the Job card device. see also http://erconsult.eu/blog/missing-flushing-principle/

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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft



Proposed solution: implement a single parameter - combo box - at the resource (e.g. on the Operation tab) called Report quantity as finished to amend the Update finished report on-line parameter in the Production order defaults.

The options would be:

or Undefined i.e. the company/site standard



Any value other than should override the system behaviour when reporting Feedback at a Job card terminal or a Job card device. All the other parameters - default journals etc. - shall be taken from the Production order defaults as usual.

See the method /Classes/JmgPostStandardSystem/Methods/isOperationsReportedAsFinished. Save the current resource as a global variable before calling this method and convert the standard option:

Status + Yes = Status+Quantity

Status+Quantity + No = Status, i.e. isOperationsReportedAsFinished = No

Quantity + Yes = Quantity

Quantity + No = No

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Great idea

Category: Production Control