--> Target: A technician need to work as efficient as possible and should spend not much time on his mobile

Incoming booking will be accepted only by the status "received by FSE" (field service engineer). The same logic of what's app with the two blue ticks on the message should be used, when a FSE is watching his booking. As he is normally anyway accepting his booking in 98%, it will be auto-accepted and only in the negative case he has to refuse it.

Also when a FSE is arriving on the site (the mobile would recognize it by GPS) and put the timestamp "end travel" or "start work" automatically

Additional advantage:
The dispatcher needs to understand whether the booking has been downloaded on the mobile device by the FSE, if it hasn't within x hours the dispatcher may need to dispatch the booking to someone else. This must be connected to the download event rather than the FSE opening the booking.
Category: Mobile
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