A drag & drop factbox should be added to several tables (customers, vendors, items, sales header, purchase header, contacts,...) so the user can easily drag & drop any document (and not use the record links, too complicated). Based on a setup, the documents could be archived in a network folder, in the D365 BC database or even better on a Sharepoint (Online and On-prem), and so having a better integration with O365.
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There is an integration tool called NavSherpa, that allows you to have a fact box on any record in D365 BC, you can drag and drop a document there and what is great it will upload this document to SharePoint with its metadata!

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There are several add-ons out there that allow exactly this. Don't know, if this is something that Microsoft should be focusing on when there are ISVs that fill this gap.

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It should also work on Inboud document functionality. Attaching files by copping url's is annoying - as Microsoft Software integration functions between D365 BC and it should work smoothly.

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