Workflow with several approval steps is rejected on last one.

Actual behavior: Workflow will have to be resubmitted by initial user.

Expected result:  Workflow should then be reassigned to a selected step (n-1) 

Category: Workflow
Needs Votes



Would like the option when the workflow is rejected to reset the document back to Draft and complete the workflow. Saving the user the step of having to recall the workflow waiting a minute for the workflow to complete before they can make the amendments. Many documents you have to enable what fields are editable while the document is in review.

Actual: User is required to recall the workflow once rejected and make the necessary amendments and resubmit. Recall takes at least a minute to complete.

Desired: Option on the Reject Action, Stopped on Error, Terminated status to set back to Draft status so the User can make the amendments right away without having to recall the workflow.

Category: Workflow