Segments can take up to 6 hours to update, which in turn means more than a 6 hours wait time for actions to occur in a Customer journey based on this segment. It is totally understandable that the heaviest of segments require some time to update, where the segments are building on several other segments, which in turn builds queries interaction data etc. But this limits the scenarios where Segments and Customer Journeys will cover business needs. Suggestion: Add support for creation of light segments, or transactional triggers, where updates allow for immediate triggering of actions and/or content in the Customer journey.
Category: Segmentation
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Thank you for your feedback.

We released this feature as part of the functionality in April 2019 and everyone should see significant improvements by June 2019. This is when all organizations will be migrated to the new marketing insights backend.

The performance of segment calculations is on a whole other level of performance now.


Christian Abeln, PM,