One of the modifications EMR are keen to implement is in regards to a fixed exchange rate in the Purchase Ledger module. One of the strange inconsistencies in D365 is that the Sales Ledger has functionality to support fixed exchange rates but the Purchase Ledger does not. We investigated this a while ago and found that tables within the Purchase Ledger actually have a fixed exchange rate field but they are never utilised. After digging through some of the code we noticed that fixed exchange rates are simply not supported in the standard methods on the purchase Ledger side. Here's an example: The method SalesLine.convertCurrencyCode has 5 parameters: _currencyCode, _tradeCurrencyCode, _exchRateDate, _userFixedExchRate, _fixedExchRate The method PurchLine.convertCurrencyCode has 3 parameters: _currencyCode, _tradeCurrencyCode, _exchRateDate Why is there this inconsistency between the Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger? Can this be looked into and considered please? Many thanks, Lindsey

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Appreciate you taking the time to submit the product suggestion. We have had similar request in the past. We will monitor the votes and other feedback to consider in future backlog.

Lachlan Cash – Principal Program Manager - Microsoft