The Inventory G/L Reconciliation report is helpful when trying to analyse discrepancies between ledgers, it currently allows you to filter on Item No. and Location Code. However, when analysing these values it is often easier to analyse by Inventory Posting Group.

Currently there is no way to be able to run the report and see this information.

A filter should be added to the request page to allow the user to filter by Inventory Posting Group.
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Thank you for your suggestion.

Can you clarify what country version you're referring to/using?

In US version the report has Inventory Posting Group as filter
The matrix page "Inventory - G/L reconciliation" does not offer Inventory Posting Group as a filter [in any country version as far as I know]

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Brian Nielsen, Program Manager
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It would be great if the G/L Reconciliation report can allow filter the Inventory vs G/L differences per
Inventory Posting Group and
Gen. Posting Group

If you add a Location, the report does not show the differences in G/L. So this report only show the G/L differences without adding a Location.

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Hi Brian,

I'm using the GB version, it isn't an actual report but the matrix page that appears under Reports & Analysis.


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