If you create a custom function to export data in XML format based on codeuntis 1605 or 1610 and try using the same configuration in SaaS you are not able to. If you try debuging the code there are lines pointing to Scope(OnPrem) i understand it is not usable in SaaS environments however the code units mentioned above are configured the same way and are working.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be an event request, request for making a function external or general code contribution in for a product. Please create an issue on one of following GitHub repos:

  • Event Requests, Requests for Externals, Extensibility enhancements: https://github.com/microsoft/ALAppExtensions/ 
  • AL language enhancements and development environment: https://github.com/microsoft/AL 

Read more about finding right resource and providing feedback on this blog post: 

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