The changes to "FatturaPA" format of Italian electronic invoices have been introduced by MS according to the technical specification version 1.6.1, mandatory starting from January 2021. However natura codes N2.1 and N.3.4 are not supported by standard MS code in D365 F&O and in AX2012R3 at the moment and there is not a plan to support them. The only solution left is a customization and a modification of the ER format in order to achieve what is an Italian fiscal requirement. It is desirable that Microsoft urgently finds a solution to this issue, for example allowing the possibility to specify natura codes on the sales tax codes and modify the ER electronic invoice format accordingly.
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The idea has been implemented in 2021 Release Wave 1, included into Monthly Update 10.0.17.


PM, Ilya Kondratenko




Right. Here is our solution for the Natura 2.1:
1 Config: Set an ExemptCode in the VAT group; configure the Exempt code as „OtherExempt“

2 ER: add Enums.TaxExemptCodeReason_IT.OtherExemp, "N2.1", into the CASE in
and Invoice/LineItem/LineBase/TaxTrans.$Natura

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