Even with the new Work Hours calendar (April 2020 release) there is still the same old behavior and information displayed on the calendar is still not consistent with what is displayed in Schedule Board: If a weekly schedule was set up and afterwards you want to change the Work Hours for one specific day via the Work Hours Calendar you have to follow this rule: - EXTENDING work hours above the formerly defined start/end-borders of this day (defined by the weekly schedule): possible by editing the day - REDUCING Work Hours: only possible by defining additional Non-working hours. Reason: there is still the weekly schedule for this edited day in the background (even when it is not displayed at all in Work Hours Calendar, after you have edited the day). The "resulting" Work Hours are a cross mix of the Weekly AND the daily Hours, after the day was edited. => not intuitive at all and not transparent (as not displayed anywhere). Even setting up a new weekly schedule is a special experience. If you open up a new resource's Work Hours you first need to delete existing Hours before you can set up a Weekly Schedule that is displayed in Schedule Board. If you just directly click on: New=>Working Hours and start adding a new weekly schedule (i.e. from tomorrow on), in Resource Calendar control everything looks fine, but nothing of the new weekly schedule is reflected in Schedule Board (probably because the former (not deleted) 24/7 schedule overlays the new weekly schedule. But why is it that the former schedule is used in Schedule Board and the latter in Resource Calendar. That doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion the former schedule should automatically be deleted for the overlaying days, as soon as there is a new one created or an existing one is edited. And it should not matter whether the editing happens on a daily or weekly base.

Ideas Administrator


Your suggestion seems to be a product bug, which is already tracked internally. I will reach out to you more details on this. As this is not a feature request but bug feedback, I am closing this bug.


Vinay Nalam,

PM, Microsoft.