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It should be useful to create one report "Inventory transactions ordered by warehouse number /item number/transaction date". At the beginning and at the end of each page a carry forward has to be printed with the following fields:
• Total of the physical receipts
• Total of physical issues
• Physical inventory (total of receipts-total of issues).

For the selected period it should be necessary to insert:
1) Transaction date
2) Voucher number
3) Transaction type/journal description
4) Invoice number
5) Invoice date
6) Order number
7) Customer/Vendor number and name
8) Warehouse number
9) Receipt quantity
10) Issued quantity
11) Cumulative quantity after each transaction.

It should be useful to create another report for Inventory transactions ordered by item number/transaction date/warehouse number.

These reports are normally used to trace fiscal inventory stock in external warehouse (Registro beni c/o pertinenze di terzi (es: c/lavoro; c/visione)) or to trace inventory stock in internal warehouse but referring to other subject (Registro beni di terzi c/o pertinenze (es: da utilizzare per i codici EXW o Bill&Hold).
Category: Inventory
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It is important that it is possible to extract these reports also if warehouse is not a financial inventory (Storage dimension group)

Category: Inventory