The document routing agent requires for an Azure token to be generated every 90 days in order to remain operable according to the documentation (and subsequent follow up discussions with Microsoft Support to confirm this), to keep the service working requires several manual steps to be performed by a user - 

Refresh the Azure service token

  • Azure authentication tokens must be refreshed every 90 days while the Document Routing Agent is running as a Windows service. To refresh the service token, start the client, and then sign out and sign back in by using the menu items.


This is not an acceptable solution for such a business critical function, and should be resolved.

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Can someone tell me what the symptom is when the 90 days up? I agree this is a pain. Someone had the good sense not to implement this on the batch service :)
I discovered printing stopped working after Microsoft pushed down a PU to a customer's environment. So customer had to scramble and re-install the DRAs (yes they have installed a few of them on different servers and local computers) and had to re-setup up the printers. This is a pain point!

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