We use the sell-to/bill-to functionality. We use the report Customer Balance to Date for our customer statements. It does not show the sell-to customer nor is it in the dataset for me to customize it. We can have a customer statement with 100 invoices due and the bill to customer doesn’t know which sell to customer each invoice is for. We are having to run the report, export it to excel. Then to get our list of sell to customers we open the list of posted sales invoices and filter it to the bill-to customer, with remaining amount >0. And open that in excel and copy paste the column to the first excel report.
We also are not able to just use the filtered invoice list as the statement because it does not include the posting descriptions. We use the posting descriptions with our own brief descriptions. We do not use the sales order number that gets auto populated in the posting description field. It makes it a lot easier for us to navigate lists to find the sales documents we are looking for. Although the posting description is only available on the sales order list and not the posted sales invoices list, which I have requested in another idea. My goal is to get the sell-to customer name and the posting description on the same lines but I’m having to run 2 different report to build it. It also needs to be the name of the sell-to customer, not just the number.
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Thank you for this suggestion! We are adding this to our longer term roadmap.

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