Currently when queue / automatic record creation creates a case it also posts a note. We also use the note to mention other people & accounts for important items.

- When somebody is mentioned in a post, this doesn't bubble up anywhere. It creates no notification, there's no place to pull that record. With the Unified Interface the "wall" has disappeared as well. There is no "What's New?" anymore

- When a Timeline control is used on a dashboard, it's flooeded with the auto-posts generated by the system. User has to filter and choose "Posts by Users Only" every time to see only posts created by users.

Even then, it's crowded - we need a "posts where I am mentioned" filtering.

And we need both filters to be persistent so that we can design a Dashboard that displays
- Posts that you are mentioned in
- Tasks that are assigned to you
- Cases that are assigned to you
- Activities that are assigned to you

We can do the latter three, but not the first one.
Needs Votes