The current design of the BRB entity Booking Status updating the End Date/Time impacts our situation of wanting to complete a Booking with the Scheduled End Date/Time values.
Currently when you complete a booking, it over-writes the End Date/Time value with a current datestamps
Suggestion raised in conversation with Jason Cohen on Yammer:
•Toggle for "Update End Time" (Y/N) on the Booking Status
•Toggle for "Update Actual Arrival Time" (Y/N)
•Toggle for "Update Start Time" (Y/N)
•Toggle for "Pause Booking Journal"
•Toggle for "Resume Booking Journal"
•Toggle for "Split Booking when applied - Complete previous, create copy with new set as scheduled for right now"

The problem is that the End Date/Time maps that value into the Work Order, Schedule Board and Invoice and which can lead to incorrect invoicing amounts and incorrect visibility in the Schedule Board
I just want the option to have this setting so we don't have to implement complex workarounds
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Thanks for raising this from our Yammer conversation and sorry for taking so long to respond to this one. I'm interested to understand if this get votes and, for folks in favor of the idea, I'd love to understand how they think this should best be implemented, and what kinds of scenarios they're trying to enable with this feature.

This is a concept adjacent to some Booking behaviors that we've been considering for some time but it not quite the same so we're looking forward to seeing the feedback on this item.

Jason Cohen
PM - Dynamics 365 Field Service



I totally agree with the OP, the behavior needs to be configurable by the Administrator, there's companies that work with multiple consecutive bookings that do not need/want to update the status to Completed every single day, and even though, if for any reason one day they would miss to do that, the day after it will be too late because the new End Time/Duration calculation will mess up the schedule board.

Microsoft Support told us that right now there's still no plans to change this behavior and if we want to prevent it we have to write a customization that sets the End Time/Duration back to the original value after a "Completed" status change occurs.

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I have 2 customers at the moment where I have create a work around for this. The calendar is dependent on the technician using it LIVE every day.

Let's say he forgets to close the BRB as complete one day. What happens when he finally closes it to complete, is that the BRB will update the end time to current time. This is just an odd behaviour.

I have isolated the plugin-step that updates the the calendar for every change in "ongoing, completed etc", but it is something I can't deactivate. It is a standard FS plugin and will be reactivated every time MS updates the solution.

Would be great if you could give us the "Yes/No" in the config page of Field Service. Just call the tab "Calendar" and as us if we want the live calendar.. Yes or no.

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