In AX you can use the intercompany purchase / sales order for items only. Why not make it possible to also purchase / sell with a category in intercompany situations?

The sales / purchase categories are already global, so it seems technically feasible.

After the IC-connection between a customer and vendor is activated, currently you cannot use categories in the sales / purchase order anymore. You get an error that it is not allowed.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Mai Kirknel

PM, Microsoft 



Hi Mai,

Is there any news on this feature?

Kind regards,

Jasper Jeensma

Category: Procurement and sourcing



that not a simple feature, when using purchase with categorie we have strong feature that doesn't work anymore

for my point of view the main feature is : that we can't create and link a sales-order from a purchase-order using categorie .

So in this case using project purchase order at recept time, the system will not synch item-requirement and we have NO Cost onto the project, need to wait the purchase invoice entry. Budget : wrong, Cost : wrong, estimation : wrong ...

A purchase using categorie feature is not compatible with AX project-budget management !



and that really a big customer requirement, By eg

Category: Procurement and sourcing


Yes this feature will be really useful to use categories.

Category: Procurement and sourcing