I believe this is a documented issue for Dynamics Nav, and there was a fix described in the link below. Very frustrating to run into this error today and realize I had to manually create a reversing entry throught a General Journal. Can BC team please fix this issue?


Here are the steps we did to get an error message "You cannot reverse Vend. Ledger Entry No. (xxx) because the entry has an associated Realized Gain/Loss entry.":
1) Create Purchase invoice for vendor in foreign currency
2) Create and apply a payment to this invoice, also in foreign currency
3) Unapply the payment from this invoice
4) Attempt to "reverse transaction" on the payment
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.

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Hi Microsoft Team, how many votes you need in order to fix this? ERP is to simplify individual activities and provide automates processes to help business.

This manual reverse method really time consuming as user have to double check all posted entries then repost again.

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I agree with Jose. This feels like an answer that is devoid of prioritisation by a team that has understanding of the business impact and potential for work-around. There is no explanation of why correcting entries can't be made to realized payments.

I cannot think of another ERP that has this restriction and it creates real issues when there is a minor data entry error that needs to be reversed out.

It seems rationale to draw the conclusion that 'they can't be bothered'.

The BC product team really need to draw up a charter of guiding principles if they want to service the small and medium market and then they can answer with rationale:

1) It's not on the roadmap because we have something better coming along and we don't want to waste time on a short term fix.

i.e. We are working on a proper holistic fix in re-engineering the entire system to dynamically generate posting entries in realtime from the business documents at a point in time queried, rather than creating separate posting entries that create huge amounts of unnecessary data and solved a problem when we had limited compute power, but much more storage.

2) It's not on the roadmap because it doesn't align with our vision and goal to service small and medium businesses and stay away from the functional domain serviced by other products in the portfolio.

i.e. Multi-national with global subsidiaries and staff over 100 should really look elsewhere and we will actively discourage you from the product even though we might have supported you in the past when we had an unfocused overlapping product portfolio driven by national geographies, rather than customer segments.

3) It's an idea that would actually cause more issues elsewhere in the product and that other people wouldn't necessarily support, so we will review and promote discussion.

4) We have a better workaround that is quick and solves your problem easily. Given the degree of difficulty in solving this we are not prioritising.

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Actually this needs to be fixed, it's not possible that you say "It's currently not on our roadmap"

It's a basic functionallity in every other ERP, when you need to reverse something and you click on the functions made to reverse an entry it should REVERSE THE ENTRY.

There's also the problem with Sales Orders or Purchase Orders already paid, you can't use the Reverse function because it already causes a VAT movement and the system can't make the reverse too.

This both problems should be looked at as they're part of the basic functionallity.

We had 2 Tickets submited to MS and the solution was: Reverse it manually.

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