The new write-off journal splits the transactions, where some journal lines have dimensions and other lines have blank dimensions. The sales order transaction being written off only contains dimensions, therefore there could be no reason for blank dimensions in write-off. This is a system bug.
Repro steps:
1.) Create Sales order and lines (Accounts Receivable > Sales Orders)
2) Invoice the sales order
3) Write-off the invoice transactions (Accounts Receivable > Open Customer Invoices > Write Off)
4) Observe journal lines (General Ledger - Journal - General Journal)

Actual Result:
Write-off takes the cumulative of Posting types:
Cost of goods sold, delivered
Cost of units, invoiced
Cost of units, delivered.

Expected Result:
Write off should only take into consideration the amount/dimensions of Posting Types:
Sales order revenue
Customer balance
Sales tax
When business still owns stock from sales delivery, the SO packing slip posting would accrue to both balance sheet accounts (with limited dimensions).

The write-off then includes the reversal amount and dimensions from packing slip posting, which posts blank dimensions onto the write-off GL. This means the business still has to intervene in completing the write-off journals.
Needs Votes