Re-adding this as it was raised and set to planned for 2020 release wave 2 but never got included.

When a new record is created that meets the conditions of a Duplicate Detection Rule, the popup warning message seen by the user does not display very many columns or much useful information. The ability to customize this view by adding more columns and having the ability to configure the sort order would be extremely useful for end users to evaluate whether or not they should create the duplicate.
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Revathi Sankar

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Please Vote! This is really an important issue for our customers and users and the function is almost useless without all relevant info to detect a real duplicate. And which columns are relevant for this varies from customer to customer depending on the address data management concept. 

Category: Unified Experience: Search, navigation and performance


Is this solved yet? It is not working for me when I am trying to change the lookup View.

Category: Unified Experience: Search, navigation and performance