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Category: Lifecycle Services

When the VM in a cloud-hosted environment is stopped or started in Azure (e.g. via Azure automation run books), the status of the environment is not reflected in LCS. This is causing confusion on the part of users who navigate to these environments via LCS.

Our customer is using the automation run books to manage their Azure VMs in order to optimize their Azure run costs. The Azure management portal shows the correct status of the VMs in these environments.

Status Details

 This feature is planned, the ability to schedule downtime (daily/recurring) of Demo, Dev and Test VMs directly from LCS to reduce cost without the need to use the Azure portal.

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  • Developers must be authorized to start/stop their security assigned Cloud Hosted machine as well. Currently they have to use the Azure portal (currently not synchronized).

    Great Idea Khee. I would also like the ability to rejoin a VM to LCS. So for example if I had to restore a VM or I had to remove and re-add we need to be able to re-attach it to continue managing. Not sure If I should post this as a seperate thread.

  • Totally agree.  This is critical in controlling cloud hosted environment (CHE) costs as our developers (and I'm sure others), much like my children, never remember to "turn the lights off" at the end of a day.

    Microsoft--please simply update LCS to poll the status of CHE's using ARM and update the status accordingly in LCS.