Currently the Price Match/Order Credit functionality is a blanket refund to the customer based on the sales order existing payment method. There is not offset Charge that is generated for the Order Credit, but one does exist for the Price Match. This is giving the Call Center Rep and POS sales person the ability to start a refund (Linked Refund) for a sales order that was already adjusted in both back office and at POS. Upon completion of the return the system is throwing an error message saying that there balance of the refund exceeds that available amount that can be refunded.

Secondly, When doing a Price Match/Order Credit adjustment in back office, there is no way to account for what you are trying to adjust to appease the customer.

  • If you are doing an order credit for the taxes, because the customer is tax exempt but it did not apply. You need to reduce the account that the tax posted to, if not the organization will post more taxes than they should
  • Same thing for charges, charges are posting to specific account depending on the purpose of the charge. If you do an adjustment there is no indication that the charge was refunded

All these scenarios do not track what the Rep is trying to adjust to better service the customer, when attempting to do a return at both back office or POS all lines, taxes and charges from the original order state are applied giving the customer a refund amount that equals what they originally paid, even though you might have already refunded them part of the order balance.

There need to be a way to track that a charge, unit price, and tax has been refunded back to the customer to they system does not attempt to over refund, causing invoicing issues, split payments and bad customer experience.

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