On Dynamics 365 (online) Ver.9.1., even if the first letter of the stage name of BPF is set as lower-case character, the first letter is displayed as capital letter.
It would be user-friendly if the character size is set by user preference.

When it is set: dynamics or crm
When it is displayed: Dynamics Or Crm
Category: Lead Management
2023 Release Wave 2
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This idea is currently being picked up for implementation. We will add the release dates as we get closer to completion.



Revathi Sankar

Product Manager, D365 Sales



This is very important in French where the rules of the language dictate that only the first word in a title should be capitalized. When we develop D365 apps for French, the business process flows are gramatically incorrect due to the forced capitalization.

Category: Lead Management


Hi Takao,

Thank you for your feedback. Our team will soon start to modernize all the classic designers, including the current BPF Designer. I have collected the feedback above and will make sure to address it as we imagine the new designer.

Thank you,

Jessica Lo

Product Manager, Power Apps

Category: Lead Management