When worker is being requested to be transferred to another position with fixed compensation in another legal entity; the transfer process creates fixed compensation in the new legal entity, but it does not expire the compensation in the original legal entity despite the fact, that the position assignment has been ended.

Repro steps:
1. Have a worker record which has a position assignment with fixed compensation in legal entity A
2. Create another employment in legal entity B
3. Navigate to 'Change position' and transfer worker to another position
4. Notice, that compensation against legal entity A has expire date aligned with position assignment end date
5. In the Compensation section, change the legal entity you want to define compensation for to legal entity B
6. Specify the new compensation
7. Submit the request to workflow or complete the request if there is no workflow defined

After transfer is complete:

8. Verify that worker has original position assignment ended and new one created as a result of the transfer
9. Verify that the new Fixed Compensation record is created in legal entity B
10. ISSUE: Verify that the fixed compensation record in legal entity A is not, in fact, expired although it should have been since the position assignment this fixed comp is linked to has ended
Category: Workflow
Under Review