A balance will be adjusted to a worker leave plan in one of the scenarios: 1. When transferring balances from source system to Talent during data migration 2. During buy or sell leave 3. As part of special bonus (few companies do) 4. In case of incorrect entries and other scenarios When the adjustment is done, back end will always store as Balance adjustment transaction type only but there is no provision to understand why this has been done (if no one records somewhere) This can be achieved either: Option 1: Current transaction types values: Accrual, Grant, request, balance adjustment and Carry-forward adjustments are fixed. If two more custom transaction types are allowed which can be renamed as per HR's usage and can be used. Ex: Buy and Sell leave, Data Migration adjustment Option 2: Comments should be enabled when the balance adjustment is being done so that it can be tracked why that adjustment has been done.

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We’re pleased to announce the completion of this functionality. For more information, see 2020 release wave 1.  This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.