Intercompany direct delivery is created with automatic purchase invoice validation.

If workflow is activated on Intercompany purchase company, the Intercompany sales is cannot be posted as ICO purchase invoice is not submitted to workflow.

But purchase invoice workflow cannot be submitted as set for automatic posting.


Workflow should consider Intercompany flow with automatic posting.


Workaround: conditional activation should be added to not consider intercompany.

To work workflow should not be set "as default"

Ideas Administrator

Resolved in 10.0.25



This is unbelievable... My client is a large manufacturer/distributor with 100s of daily purchase invoices requiring invoice workflow, yet they also have 16 legal entities around the world and distribute primarily through intercompany direct delivery orders. Now I have to tell them they must choose between turning off invoice workflow or manually invoicing 1000s of direct delivery orders a day.

Category: Accounts Payable