Currently, the Google Analytics (GA) connector does not show all the information (or any) from the corresponding GA system if the properties are created with V4. This is happening only if the GA connector is trying to fetch data from the version 4.0 connector on Google’s side. The same works fine with the universal connector (V3) - we can see all the data for the properties.
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Thank you for the feedback and this feedback is shared with the Power Query connectors product engineering team.

This is identified as a current gap between PowerQuery and PowerQuery Online version or Dataflows and is being looked into for a potential fix into the next couple of months.

As an intermediary workaround, please look into this article that helps to converts from GA V4 APIs onto Google Big Query How to Export Data from Google Analytics 4 to Google BigQuery | OWOX BI, and we can use the Google Big Query connector in PQ.

Thank you!

Aditya Kuppa

Customer Insights team

Category: General