At this moment the segment members grid is hardcoded to show the predefined columns. It will be useful to honour Dynamics 365 view or something similar when displaying the grid.

Category: Segmentation
2023 Release Wave 1
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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We feel there should be more support to have this idea implemented.



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Again, why are Microsoft moving away from how the rest of D365 works by locking down something as simple as a view. No one will ever want to refer to the GUID of a member and yet it is a field you must always have in your members list. Very lazy programming here. Please make it behave like the rest of D365 and give us editable views for these. The worst is that the members list of not even sorted on name of if you're looking for a member you have to scroll through everyone. Shocking! How did this get through user testing?

Category: Segmentation