The retail module gives a lot flexibility in the pricing and discounts area and more and more of our customers like to use it. Also existing whole sale customers that are used to work with the trade agreements are embracing this price engine. However the setup of the quantity based discounts is very cumbersome for them, especially is you want to setup prices for a given qty. This is caused by the fact that you have to setup the qty based prices first and then attach the items to it. WHen you want to view what has been setup for a specific item, this is not possible as the item can be in multiple agreements (e.g. if you have different dates or different qty tiers). It would be great if we would be able to set them up in a similar way as the trade agreements, which is per line.... Now you would say, why don't you use the trade agreement discounts for this purpose? Multiple reasons: - It's not possible to setup a discounted price (=net price) - When have an order with multiple order lines with the same item id and different variants the qty's are not summarized when fetching the right tier (this in contradiction with the prices where it does summarize) - Microsoft has made a statement not to use trade agreement discounts when using retail discounts.

Category: Merchandising
Needs Votes
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To summarize, the suggestion is to allow the users to choose the quantity requirements and dates at each discount line i.e. similar to the view that Trade agreements provide. I can definitely see the value from user experience perspective, but this would need more votes before we add this to our backlog. 
- Shalabh Jain