A number of organisations have Field Service requirement require service agreements to specify the customer equipment which is under the scope of the agreement.  For example, the Field Service department provides break/fix for customer assets such as cars, computer equipment, facilities etc.  When the customer contacts the call center, this allows customer service to determine whether the call is covered under an agreement and determine:
1. SLA for the call and the subsequent service order.
2. Whether the service order is dispatched free of charge or at a rate specified under the agreement
3. Call is billed on a time and materials basis on a general rate.
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We released portions of this Idea as part of the functionality in our Field Service SLA and Field Service Entitlement feature in Field Service v8.x. It isn't tied specifically to an Agreement but we see Agreement, Entitlement, and SLA as parts of the overall Entitlement story within Field Service.

Field Service SLA connects the long-standing SLA feature with the Field Service scheduling logic to drive Arrival time SLA scenarios. We don't yet attempt to auto-apply SLAs based on customer conditions but would welcome new ideas on how this logic should be universally driven in a way that would meet the needs of all customers using the feature. For now, we would rely on customer-specific logic or manual application. Please refer to the following link for more information: 


Field Service Entitlements enables entitlement creation against a Work Order and allows an organization to drive specific pricing logic at the Work Order Product/Service level based on the way the entitlement applies to a given work order. We expect that this initial implementation of Entitlement satisfies a significant portion of your ask and would love new ideas to understand how we might improve it further. The detailed documentation for this feature is coming soon; when it is delivered it will be posted in our Docs. 

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I should have used the term Customer Assets rather than Customer Equipment

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