@Admin: Do you have any recent developments regarding this issue?


Alternatively you could implement a "Tooltip Class" function with same functionality as Caption Class, making it possible not only to reuse text but also simplyfying translation as it only has to be translated once!


This is highly needed for our customers currently transitioning into RTM. Let's get this prioritized in the next release!


Preparing an update, I found, that there are certain objects, who need further permissions than the user originally has.

For example, creating a new sales order needs the read permission for the bank accounts.

It would be helpful, if we could create an table extension with an indirect permission, but we can't.

The user has to get direct permission to read the bank accounts, which he schouldn't; he schoulkd only create an sales order, not more.

This is only an example and applies to other tables / pages / function as well.


Here is another problem to be solved.

Because of missing instant calculation, We are running CTP each 10 minutes.

Still this gives problems in several departments

  1. Sales department has to wait (up to 10 minutes) for the calculation when the customer asks for a delivery date instantly
  2. Production get an error message when the reschedule production errors at the same time when CTP runs


I'm agreed with this idea


This is a good idea that I will support. However, it’s only half of the truth. The Unit conversion concept is outdated imho. If you have two sites under the same legal entity there might be multiple reasons to have a different packing structure. E.g. 80x120 pallet vs 100x100 pallet. Going further a unit conversion per vendor wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

but your idea is a good starting point. It would also need include the location directive logic to be able to pick/move full LPs.


Just adding a comment about requests to Edit in Excel directly on the main page. As many has asked for.

Don't think it's possible since this is based on a temporary table TAB2900.

Probably why MS has made it available in the sub table.

But why didn't they just add the Export/Import function to Excel as we have several other places like:

  • Financial Budgets
  • Sales Budgets
  • Purchace Budgets


Tax reconciliation for conditional tax is quite difficult.

We have no linked between conditional tax and payment tax. customer has to guess crossing several reports to justify ledger account for conditional VAT as we cannot know which invoice has been paid.

a report will help all customers using conditional VAT.


Agree with the above, ability to add attachments to all journals in Business central including Recurring Journals is becoming a common request with our Finance users.


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