• Cannot sync emails send from OWA in CRM as activity

    When the customer sends an email from OWA to an CRM contact, it is not getting synchronized in CRM as an activity against the contact. User is using server side synchronization and Email Address of the CRM user is approved. Incoming emails are synchronizing (if a contact and his email address exist in CRM)

  • There is no option to increase the pixel lenght of field

    Customer has some custom fields on Form. The name of the custom field is big and so wants option to change the pixel length of field

  • No option to add a "New activity" under 'Open or Closed Activity associated view"

    Users from the online organization cannot add activities from Open or Closed Activity Associated View on closed records(Leads, Cases and Opportunity), The users are but able to add activities from "Social Pane" for the same record.

  • 50,000 record limit per report

    The customer has created a number of custom reports and charts that users would like to be able to view on CRM dashboard, however they are unable to do due to the CRM restriction of 50000 records per report.

  • Problem posting long messages to Yammer

    When you enter a long message into the Yammer window of a contact in CRM, the Post button drops below the bottom of the window and cannot be accessed. There is no vertical scroll bar in the window and you can't see a way to move down to show the Post button again. There should be a vertical scroll bar added in the Yammer Window of a contact.

  • Increase limitation of data set and add more columns in Report

    User has created SSRS report which has all the columns but there is a limitation for columns, Customer wants the limitation of records more than 50000 records, data set more than 100 and no limitation to allow to add more columns

  • Include the custom entity under the look up field for the phone call activity

    When you click on look up field for the phone call activity under the To field look up it has only four out of box entities listed. Customer wants that customized entities should be also included under the under the look up field for the phone call activity under the To field look up.

  • URL Field changing the URL address

     Whenever users from CRM online Organization clicks on URL in custom field name on account form the URL throws an error stating - " The path of the item '/GP+2013/TWO/Inventory/historical+Inventory+Trial+Balance+Summary+by+Account" is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long other restrictions apply. If the server is in native mode, the path must start with slash " . This URL works fine when it is copied and pasted in address bar of the browser.

    This is majorly because when we would call certain URL from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will append that URL in its own call (URL), hence the overall URL length would increase and so getting error of exceeding characters of URL.

  • Maximize the schedule service activity window

    Users are unable to maximize the Schedule service activity window as are able to see less records and wants to view at least 250 records (or as per user’s personal options) in the available times in Schedule service activity window.
    If there are more than 100-200 records then as there are only few records visible in window the user will have to clicks on next >1,2,3 page several times
    Repro steps: Navigated to service > service calendar > service activity and schedule and the window is the same size in all browsers

  • Add multiple Email receipients in CRM

    User creates email activity to sent email to multiple recipients from CRM

    However when the user copy pastes multiple email address in the "To" Field separating it with ";" the user gets error "We found more than one match"


    As like in Outlook the user should be able to paste multiple email address in the "To" Field