Business Case:

The production route has 2 or more resources, for example: a machine, a mold and an operator. the 3 resources must add costs to the order, each mold, each machine and each person have a different cost category

The shop floor process using PFE is needed to simplify so that an operator only starts and register backflush in the primary operation.

Desired solution:

  1. When the worker starts the primary operation, the two secondary operations are automatically started with the same start time and worker as the primary.
  2. When the worker completes the primary operation, the two secondary operations are automatically completed with the same start time as the primary.


The two secondary operations should not be shown in PFE, or at least it should not be possible to make manual registrations on them, because they are controlled by the registrations on the primary.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft 



Hey, we handled that through route groups. We only report on the primary in the PFE and the secondaries follow.

Category: Production Control


It would be nice to have a solution where a distinction could be made between what needs to happen with the registration, based on the type of resource, personnel, machine, tool. Typically, there may be varying staffing needs

Category: Production Control