Incorrect currency symbol is getting displayed when Deferral window is opened from PM distribution entry window (via Additional) for an intercompany account.

The amount is correct, but the currency symbol shows for the originating company instead of the destination company. The destination company 'owns' the deferral, so it should be their currency symbol.

General steps to replicate:

1) Two companies must be configured, one with functional currency as USD and another as EURO ( or any non USD currency )
2) Let us assume company with USD as functional currency as originating company and another is destination
3) Now open a Payable transaction entry window in originating company.
4) Mark Intercompany checkbox
5) Enter the transaction amount
6) Click on distribution, when distribution window opens, change the company id for purchase type
7) Pull the account from destination company via lookup
8) Once amount is entered, go to additional and select Deferral window
9) You could see the amount with functional currency symbol of originating company.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We have reviewed this functionality ask previously.  Unfortunately, given the impact throughout the entire system and on customizations, this is not something we can consider at this time.. 
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This is also an issue if you add the Originating Debit and Credit amounts to the GL Account Transaction SmartList. It will list the originating amount correctly but the symbol next to these values is the functional currency symbol and not the originating currency symbol.

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