Dear Microsoft,

We have several customers with multiple Production environments, which means that users who have a Business Central License, can see all 3 or 4 production environments when they try to login.

Right now, we are forced to import all the users and manually disable the user on the production environments they don't need access to. Even though we disable login, they still visibly get the option to access the environment.

Can we somehow implement permissions on the users, so we can decide which productions environment(s) the user can access?
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Thank you for this suggestion! You can now grant environment access to an AAD Security Group from the Environment page in the admin center.

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Same for me, we are going to end up with 10+ production environments so I am eagerly awaiting this update.


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Agree so much needed, I am about to create 10 Production Environments into 1 tenant with over 100 users across the tenant, I am done one additional already and had to go through 80+ users to disable access to the new Production Environment.

Need to be able to do a 'select AD User/s' rather than pull all please Microsoft.

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Same Problem here:

Right now as we want to add new Users to our BC Environment the only possibility on BC Online is to use the "Get new Users from Office 365" Function to import the users with a BC License.

But this Function is limited in its use when there are multiple Production Environments as in our case. The problem is that this funtion doesn't let us choose which users with a BC License get imported. We dont want to have all users in all production environments.

Right now we are disabling users after the import but thats a lot of work which could be prevented by making it possible to choose the users from Office 365 before they get added to the BC production environment.

So this is a much needed function!

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