External / Guest user access is currently not a supported feature for model-driven apps in both the PA player and the FS Player.

It is critical that guest accounts, which are mainly Technicians and mobile workers, have access to the Microsoft Field Service Mobile App.
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2022 Release Wave 1
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Thank you for the feedback. We are working towards releasing support for Guest User access in FSM.


Thank you,

Field Service Mobile PM Team



Hi to everyone waiting for this feature to come,

We found a workaround to this problem until Microsoft gives us a proper solution. The app is capable of opening apps in environments where the user is a Guest, it just doesn't have a visual interface for it.

If you open a browser in you device (at least in Apple) and enter the URL of your app, it will prompt you if you want to open it in the Field Service Mobile App. If you say Yes, it will take you there, and change to the tenant of the app, and ask for authentication. You use the Guest user credentials and you are in, as long as that user has the proper permissions.

If you don't sign out, the app will open in the last tenant used.

I hope this helps someone until Microsoft releases this feature

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I see that the status details says that this feature is planned for the 2022 release wave 1. This release wave is out already and this feature was not included.

Looking at the planned features for the 2022 release wave 2, it seems that it will not be included there either.

Do you have a real estimate to when this feature will be available?



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Dear Team ,

Is there any update on the above request ?

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