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Project Budget Revision difference between Front end View vs. Detailed view - table rec ID overlap issue

we have worked on the table records and noted below bug in the code, could you please help us to fix this bug. 

Generally the RecId and RevisionIds follow an incremental pattern which the query below (even you mentioned in repro doc) also assumes.

As validated from the customer data this assumption in below query is incorrect. The same we can reproduce by altering the RecIds in standard env.


while select RecId from budgetRevision

      join RecId from projBudget order by budgetRevision.RevisionId

        where projBudget.RecId == budgetRevision.ProjBudget

          && projBudget.RootProjId == projId

          && budgetRevision.RecId <= this.RecId

Now as of this incident, we can mitigate it by correcting the RecIds of Revisions to follow same order as RevisionIds and all other tables where it is referenced.

However as we have the correct data in Details View (by clicking on Edit for each revision), I think it's better to fix this query itself.