Purpose: use the same physical warehouse for intercompany.
If multiple legal entities use the same physical warehouse, it is possible to create multiple identical warehouse setup.
Thanks to the stored configuration settings in the WHS mobile app, the worker can now logon to a different company.

However, in company X it is not visible whether location A-01-01 is occupied by inventory, or reserved for put away work in company Y. Therefor the worker in company X should not move inventory to location A-01-01.
And the put away in company X should not be directed to location A-01-01

Proposed solution:
1. New checkmark on location profile: Block input for other companies
2. Automatically block a location for input (e.g. in the input block field or a new field Exclusive for company) in other legal entities whenever:
- A put away work is created that is heading for such a location
- A manual movement towards such a location is created
- A worker overrides the put location
3. Automatically unblock a location for input in other legal entities whenever:
- Such a location gets empty after a work pick line is executed
- The worker has overridden this put location with a different location.
- Trigger is the same as the update trigger for the location status.
4. Location directives must take into account the input block field.
5. An intercompany overview of all open work per warehouse (on the PC).
Under Review