The tools to change Customer, Vendor, Item and Payroll related ID's are phenomenal! We need the same tool for Project Accounting! It would nice to see an option for Project Number and Contract Number since they're the key fields, but if we need to prioritize or choose one, the Project Number would be the choice due to the fact that it's the key field for all data entry.

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This is added in the 18.4 Fall 2021 release.




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Oh my gosh, this IS SOOOOO NEEDED!! My project codes usually include the customer's name, and many times, over time, the customer's name will change. The project, however, is still a valid project... but, when entering their timesheets, my people still have to remember the customer's old company name so they can find the correct project code because I cannot change the project number (which is what shows up on the timesheet).

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