A. Identify one or two vendors who have open balances which can be paid.
B. Ensure that these vendors each have Vendor Bank Accounts set up which do include Bank Branch No., Bank Account No., Transit No. values and have the Use for Electronic Payment field selected.
C. Identify the Bank Account which will be used on the Payment Journals. It must have the Bank Branch No., Bank Account No., E-Pay Export File Name, Last E-Pay File Creation No., Transit No., and Payment Export Format fields all populated.
D. Ensure that the Report Selection - Purchase page has Report ID 11383 selected for the Vendor Remittance.
E. Ensure that the "Send remittance advice by email" first party (Microsoft) extension is installed.

Repro Steps:
1. Open the Payment Journals list page. Ensure that one of the batches has Bal. Account Type of Bank, Bal. Account No. populated with a bank account, and Allow Payment Export marked. Drill down on that journal Name.
2. Add one or two lines to this Payment Journals via either Prepare - Suggest Vendor Payments, or manually entering lines.
3. Ensure that each of the Payment Journal lines has the Recipient Bank Account populated, the Bal. Account Type set to Bank Account and the Bal. Account No. set to the bank which matches the one in the journal above, and Bank Payment Type set to Electronic Payment.
4. Click Bank - Export..., fill in the fields and export the remittances. This one does generate fine using Report ID 11383. This step is necessary as the next step cannot be completed until this Export is completed. However, the emailing options here are less robust and so the client will not send these remittances to their vendors--they are only performing this step since it is a required step in the processing.
5. Click Actions - Functions - Generate EFT File. In the Generate EFT Files page which opens, you should see each of your payments listed. Click Generate EFT Files... The EFT file will be created. This is what gets sent to the bank in order to initiate the electronic processing.
6. The client now wishes to take advantage of the somewhat new functionality to Send Remittance Advice. To do this choose Navigate - Payments - Send Remittance Advice. Fill in the fields and click OK to generate the remittances. I am only printing to PDF in order to view these results.

Expected Results: The PDF should show the remittances for each vendor being paid.
Actual Results: The PDF is blank.

7. In order to generate a remittance using the Send Remittance Advice, open the Report Selection - Purchase page and change the Report ID for Vendor Remittance from 11383 to 399.
8. Retry step 6. The Remittance Advice will be generated.
9. The next step in the processing of the Payment Journal will be to post.

However, the problem with these workaround steps (7 and 8 above) is that Report ID 399 is not compatible with step 4 above. This means that the next Payment Journal batch cannot be successfully processed (through step 4) until the Report Selection - Purchase is set back to ID 11383. It should not be necessary to change report IDs mid-way through each Payment Journal process.

It seems that there should be an additional Usage record added to the Report Selection - Purchase page in order to support the Send Remittance Advice functionality independently from the Bank - Export... step which is a necessary part of the EFT Payment Journal processing.
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