Customer orders in the POS often involve a greater level of communication with the customer. As such, when things go wrong or edits are made to the customer order, it would be nice to attach a note to detail what happened. 
The notes functionality in D365 is great and gives a lot of flexibility to users to add details and capture important information in a free form note field. Bring this functionality to the POS in the form of an operation that can be configured to a button. Retail customers will enjoy this feature!
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. This is a great suggestion. We have added this to our backlog - Thanks, Abhi Rathinavelu, Senior Program Manager, Dynamics 365 for Retail



Please integrate notes editing and visibility of backoffice and POS, using the existing Notes functionality (document management; 'the paperclip')  in backoffice. On POS, it should display notes in a summarized field like the one we have today in backoffice in the Customer Service form (all notes in chronological order, mentioning the user and date for each note).
* edit on POS - see in backoffice
* edit or add in backoffice - see in POS