When posting a purchase invoice in the Invoice Register it is mandatory to fill a worker in the field "Approved by". The worker has to be selected manually and it is only possible to select a worker that has a deployment in the company you are working in at that moment. 1. It is not logical to make this field mandatory as it has nothing to do with the (formal) approval process in the organisation. 2. It is not logic to limit the selection of workers only to the workers that has a deployment with that company. Suppose you have a multi-company environment where accounting / AP clerks work in multi-companies whereas they have only a (legal) deployment with one of the companies. Suggestions: 1. Remove the mandatory character of the field 2. Make it possible (via a parameter) to select workers only from the specific legal entity or from the complete worker table 3. Let the field "Approved by" automatically be filled with the worker related to the user.

Under Review