Right now there are many real-time transaction service calls into Dynamics 365 F&S. Quite often I get support requests that say the calls may be running slow or are not producing the desired results. Currently I have no easy way of seeing what input it coming into D365, and re-running the operation to see if a)It is performing well, and b)to debug it and see why it is not producing the desired affects. It would be extremely helpful if on all RTS calls, logging could be enabled to log the method name, the inputs, and date/time. Then on a form, a user could, (say in a dev or test environment), click a 'rerun' button to reprocess the operation. This would allow them to also debug the x++ code.

Right now, to get the inputs, I usually have to debug the Retail Server, and see what information is being sent to the RTS. Then I create a runnable class (job) in x++ that calls the RTS method, passing in the inputs that I saw was passed to the RTS. This is tedious, and yet something that I get requests to do regularly to track down issues that we otherwise don't have good visibility into. Including while creating new RTS functionality.
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