Concept of User Defined Permission Sets were introduced in Business Central version 13 and above with Tenant Permission Sets and Tenant Permission Sets System Tables.

A upgrade path from Permission Set Table to Tenant Permission Set exists via XMLPORT 9171 and manual adjustment of the exported file to fit the System Permissions and Tenant Permissions data model in BC.

However there is no upgrade path for the Permissions from NAV 2018.

XMLPORT 9172 can export only into Permissions table.

XMLPORT 9173 and 9174 only exists in BC and therefore is a gap for a simple migration of the permission sets from NAV 2018.

Though there are ways to convert file formats, use rapidstart packages etc, however a migration tool from NAV to BC should cover this possibility without every partner / isv having to do manual work to build migration routines by ourselves.



Yes this sould be solved.

Customer created permission should not migrated into unchangeable "System" Permissions.

Category: Data Migrations


Correction in the first line to be read as Tenant Permission Sets and Tenant Permissions System Tables.

Category: Data Migrations